Hello AMA world! I am 25 years old, I have experienced a one long-term relationship, that last for 2 years. I also had a few relationships that last less than 1 year, and some that last too short, but enough to be learnt many love lesson. Be open to me, because you can ask me anything.

Jun 18, 2017

Be opened to ask me anything. I had a lot of arguments with my partners. I have experienced being cheat on in relationship and I could give you advice on how to get over. Also, I have been so much in love, that it was living in my imaginary world where everything was perfect, even though nothing was. I passed trough that, and look at me, like I have never been hurt, because of my moto to always stay strong. I have been single for long time after that relationship ended. I know how to get nearly every men you want to be yours, because everything is possible. Just being strong and fragile was everything I needed to.

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Have you ever emotionally cheated?

Jun 19, 5:15AM EDT0

What are some great break-up and make-up songs?

Jun 18, 7:09PM EDT0

What do you consider the worst pick-up lines?

Jun 18, 7:08PM EDT0

Would you date outside your religion, and why or why not?

Jun 18, 4:21PM EDT0

How do you overcome rejection when you get turned down for a date?

Jun 18, 12:07PM EDT0

Have you tried or would you try online dating?

Jun 18, 11:45AM EDT0

How does each relationship teach you something different?

Jun 18, 11:00AM EDT0

What are your criteria when choosing a romantic partner?

Jun 18, 10:43AM EDT0

Good looking, positive and communicative 

Jun 18, 10:58AM EDT0

What do you think guys seek in girls?

Jun 19, 3:39AM EDT0

Would you ever enter into a non-monogamous marriage?

Jun 18, 6:26AM EDT0

Definetly no.

Jun 18, 10:59AM EDT0

Yes, I agree here. What are you cons against that?

Jun 19, 3:41AM EDT0

What is the main reason for relationships that didn't last?

Jun 18, 5:29AM EDT0

Cheating, relationships without love and diffrent types of people that could not stand each other.

Jun 18, 11:00AM EDT0

Do you have any experience dating someone with children?

Jun 18, 4:14AM EDT0

No, I think that I could never do that. Children deserve family, and family relationships could not stay bond, if you take their father's love.

Jun 18, 11:02AM EDT0

Do you have any experience using dating apps?

Jun 18, 4:04AM EDT0

How do you describe your role in a relationship?

Jun 18, 4:01AM EDT0

What do you consider the ideal age to marry?

Jun 18, 2:17AM EDT0


Jun 18, 11:03AM EDT0

What are your favorite romantic comedies, and what do you think about the genre?/

Jun 18, 1:56AM EDT0

How big of a role does sex play in your relationships?

Jun 18, 12:27AM EDT0

Sex does not have role, but love does

Jun 18, 11:03AM EDT0

What do you think about meeting potential partners in bars?

Jun 18, 12:11AM EDT0

I think that you can rearly find potential partners in bars

Jun 18, 11:04AM EDT0

What are best places to look for partners, in your opinion?

Jun 19, 3:51AM EDT0

How would you describe your own parents' marriage?

Jun 17, 11:59PM EDT0

Would you ever seek counseling services for a relationship?

Jun 17, 11:35PM EDT0

How do you deal with getting bored in a relationship?

Jun 17, 11:11PM EDT0

I try it with spicing it up with new things. Such as going diffrent places, experimenting with sex and many ideas that you could search on Internet or get inspired by romantic movies.

Jun 18, 11:06AM EDT0

What are some pitfalls of dating in the digital age?

Jun 17, 10:49PM EDT0

How do you know when a relationship isn't working?

Jun 17, 10:18PM EDT0

If the two people does not get along, be getting into verbal fights and just not being in love

Jun 18, 11:08AM EDT0

But what if you love a person and he\she doesn't love you?

Jun 19, 3:33AM EDT0

How do you ensure that you get a second date?

Jun 17, 10:09PM EDT0

How do you usually find the people you date?

Jun 17, 9:55PM EDT0

How do you recover your confidence after a failed relationship?

Jun 17, 9:40PM EDT0

Just by being productive and be better self. Try spending the time you spent before with your partner, by learning new language or working out, etc.

Jun 18, 11:10AM EDT0

How do you keep your relationship fresh after a period of time?

Jun 17, 9:40PM EDT0

What are some of your best pick-up lines?

Jun 17, 7:53PM EDT0

I love it when you give me big tight hugs when we cuddle!I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you, I'd only have a dollar because you never leave my mind.

Jun 18, 11:15AM EDT0

What is your prescription for recovering from a broken heart?

Jun 17, 7:43PM EDT0

Would you date somebody who is divorced, and why or why not?

Jun 17, 7:38PM EDT0

How long does it take you to get over a relationship?

Jun 17, 7:10PM EDT0

Would you ever use the services of a matchmaker?

Jun 17, 7:07PM EDT0

What is your opinion of open marriages and open relationships?

Jun 17, 4:57PM EDT0

What is your idea of a great first date?

Jun 17, 4:35PM EDT0

What is the biggest lesson you've learned from a break-up?

Jun 17, 4:11PM EDT0

How have you learned to commit in a relationship?

Jun 17, 4:11PM EDT0

What are the best and worst places to meet potential partners?

Jun 17, 4:05PM EDT0

For me potential partners are the ones that universe sends you and that could be any place. But my opinion is that worse places are night clubs and dating apps.

Jun 18, 10:57AM EDT0

What is your opinion of polygamist marriages and other non-traditional marriages?

Jun 17, 4:04PM EDT0

I'm against it. I think it's basically cheating and I hate that. On the other hand I know a load of people are fine with it and it's basically the gay rights arguament again. Really though, I don't like it and I for one am glad it's illegal.

Jun 18, 10:53AM EDT0

What are your plans as far as marriage and children?

Jun 17, 3:53PM EDT0

Right now I am single. I am waiting for the right person for me so I can marry him. For me age is not something that will border me, it does not metter. But I would like to be married at the age of 27, for me it is the ideal age! 

Jun 18, 10:51AM EDT0

Have you dated or would you date someone of another race?

Jun 17, 2:56PM EDT0

Absolutely, I am not racist. Race does not defend people.

Jun 18, 10:49AM EDT0
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