Hello AMA world! I am 25 years old, I have experienced a one long-term relationship, that last for 2 years. I also had a few relationships that last less than 1 year, and some that last too short, but enough to be learnt many love lesson. Be open to me, because you can ask me anything.

Jun 18, 2017

Be opened to ask me anything. I had a lot of arguments with my partners. I have experienced being cheat on in relationship and I could give you advice on how to get over. Also, I have been so much in love, that it was living in my imaginary world where everything was perfect, even though nothing was. I passed trough that, and look at me, like I have never been hurt, because of my moto to always stay strong. I have been single for long time after that relationship ended. I know how to get nearly every men you want to be yours, because everything is possible. Just being strong and fragile was everything I needed to.

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