Hi, I'm Michelle a Relationship Therapist for Single Professional Women who want a loving committed relationship or marriage. I'm also the author of Stop Dating The Wrong Men Now! Ask me anything about dating, wrong men, relationship issues...

Michelle Buffonge
Dec 2, 2017

I meet so many single professional women who say they want a loving committed relationship or marriage and my number one top tip is Stop Dating The Wrong Men Now!   

The majority of us have done it at some time in our lives. The trouble is, by the time you realise he's Mr Wrong , you're already heavily emotionally invested making it    difficult to walk away. So you stay, sometimes for years hoping he and your relationship will eventually change

I've  witnessed the emotional aftermath so often that it inspired me to write Stop Dating The Wrong Men Now!    which describes 9 different types of Mr Wrongs and how they show up so you can learn to recognise them sooner rather than later saving yourself time, pain and heartbreak. Available on  Amazon.com (click here)

My second top tip would be to explore the barriers that you have built against love which are playing against you in your quest for love. They can show up in a variety of ways such as giving people too much, being guarded, sabotaging good relationship, settling for less than you deserve and so on. These are usually the symptoms of an underlying barrier. 

Unfortunately, these barriers can be difficult to identify and overcome but they are fully functioning. I work with women to identify and overcome these barriers so they are more able to find, give, receive and keep the love they truly desire.

Email: michellebuffonge@alovething.co.uk


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